MediaEval 2013

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For a second consecutive year SocialSensor has supported the 2013 Social Event Detection Task, part of the MediaEval Benchmark Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation. This task requires participants to discover social events and organize the related media items in event-specific clusters, within a collection of Web multimedia. The task is of interest to researchers in the areas of information retrieval, multimedia content analysis, social media analysis, event detection and event-based multimedia indexing.

The MediaEval benchmarking season culminates with a workshop that brings together researchers who participated in benchmark tasks to report on their findings, discuss their approaches and learn from each other. The MediaEval 2013 Workshop included posters presentations by MediaEval participants and invited talks. The workshop took place in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, on Friday-Saturday 18-19 October 2013.

This year also, SocialSensor has achieved great results at the MediaEval 2013 "Retrieving Diverse Social Images" task. We submitted the best visual-only run which is also ranked 3rd overall. Furthermore, we received an idea-originality award for our run that uses Exif data and weather information to diversify results.

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