CAiSE 2014: 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

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logo white towerCAiSE '14 panel on “Social Media for Commercial Applications and Opportunities” includes talks from several related companies describing ideas and products, innovative applications, transfer of research results, case studies and experience reports from real-world problems. A discussion between the audience and the panellists will follow.

The organization of the panel is supported by the SocialSensor FP7 project.

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SNOW 2014 impressions

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The second Social News On the Web (SNOW) workshop took place this week (Tue 8 April) in Seoul, in the context of the WWW 2014 conference. The workshop featured several very insightful talks revolving around the increasingly interesting topic of social online news. It is noteworthy that SNOW was featured by

Strong SocialSensor participation in SNOW workshop with 1 keynote talk, 3 position papers and 3 SNOW challenge entries

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cropped-header2SocialSensor is happy to announce its strong participation in this year's SNOW Workshop: the Second Workshop on Social News on the Web @WWW '14 taking place in Seoul, Korea on April, 8th with a keynote talk from Yahoo Lab's Alejandro Jaimes:

[11:00-12:00] KEYNOTE TALK:Alejandro Jaimes,“Data Driven Journalism: From Agenda Setting to News Responses- How Can We Best Leverage Big Data?”,  Yahoo Labs.

Three position paper's from CERTH, City University, ATC and Deutsche Welle

MediaEval 2013

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For a second consecutive year SocialSensor has supported the 2013 Social Event Detection Task, part of the MediaEval Benchmark Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation. This task requires participants to discover social events and organize the related media items in event-specific clusters, within a collection of Web multimedia. The task is of interest to researchers in the areas of information retrieval, multimedia content analysis, social media analysis, event detection and event-based multimedia indexing.

The MediaEval benchmarking season culminates with a workshop that brings together researchers who participated in benchmark tasks to report on their findings, discuss their approaches and learn from each other. The MediaEval 2013 Workshop included posters presentations by MediaEval participants and invited talks. The workshop took place in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, on Friday-Saturday 18-19 October 2013.

This year also, SocialSensor has achieved great results at the MediaEval 2013 "Retrieving Diverse Social Images" task. We submitted the best visual-only run which is also ranked 3rd overall. Furthermore, we received an idea-originality award for our run that uses Exif data and weather information to diversify results.

To learn more about the MediaEval benchmark click here.

IRSS 2013 has kicked off

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The International Research-Centered Summer School (IRSS) in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Robotics, Social Media, Digital Preservation which is co-organized and supported by the SocialSensor project, has kicked off and will last till the end of July. The school takes place at NCSR "Demokritos", in Athens, Greece. With a strong focus on mini-projects of month-long duration, carried out by multiple teams of 3-4 students including a mix of academic levels (Postdoc, PhD, undergraduates) the school has an innovative format and aims at establishing long-term collaborations as well as bringing about numerous scientific publications.

The students are also being trained on several tools of the SocialSensor platform and will carry out relevant research work which, if successful will be further utilized in the course of the SocialSensor project.

For more information on IRSS please visit:

SSMS 2012

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SocialSensor organizes the 2012 Summer School on Social Media Modeling and Search (SSMS 2012). SSMS 2012 is taking place on 10-14 September 2012 in Fira, Santorini, Greece. It is aimed at PhD students, young researchers and practitioners interested in social media modeling and analysis, online social interaction analysis and relevant approaches and applications in prediction, search and visualization. SSMS 2012 is an ACM Chapter event of the EuroMM, the European Chapter of the ACM SIGMM.

Social Web 2012

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SocialSensor, CERTH and Digital Spaces Living Lab will organise an industrial workshop on Social Media an Web Content Processing Services and Applications (Social Web 2012), on 6 July 2012 in CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece. The objective of the workshop is to gather industrial and academic stakeholders along with venture capitalists and encourage discussion and sharing of ideas in the areas of social media analysis and web content processing. A second aim of the workshop is to bring together venture capitalists, start-up companies and researchers to discuss emerging opportunities, obstacles and risks arising in entrepreneurship in these areas both at local and international level.

SMANE/MSND workshops in WWW2012

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SocialSensor organised the Workshops on Social Media Applications in News and Entertainment (SMANE2012) and on Mining Social Network Dynamics (MSND2012), which were hosted by the WWW 2012 Conference in Lyon, France, April 16, 2012.