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The infotainment use case targets at individuals attending large events, such as festivals, expos, etc. The use case is centred on the principle that the different aspects of a user’s context can constitute valuable cues for proactive search and discovery of relevant media content. By leveraging the user’s context for search, especially in mobile settings, the physical surroundings of a user act as a lens on the social media content that relates to her current activities, location, and physical social ties. SocialSensor will deliver a platform supporting diverse usage scenarios, such as context-triggered multimedia search, proximity-based real-time activity recommendation, facilitation of social networking aspects, and  real-time interaction with the event acts through innovative interaction methods.

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The core of the platform is based on empowering the attendee by increased awareness of his own behaviour compared with the crowds. In particular:


 EventLive is a mobile app with an aim to improve the experience of large event attendants, mainly through a rich set of intelligent features available in a mobile setting. With personalized recommendations according to each users profile and social graph and sentiment scores that uncover the public opinion, rich interactive maps for effective visualization and navigation and mobile2mobile live streaming and sharing, EventLive allows event spectators to plan, share, discover and enjoy the event by facilitating the information access (e.g. by easy access to program, film information, recommendations according to user profiles, option to create personal schedule, sentiment scores etc.), user interaction (with ratings and comments) as well as social sharing. With the help of EventSense, EventLive captures and displays what is around the attendee be it venues, points of interest, trends and happenings, profile based recommendations while in the same time it allows the users to keep in touch with her friends and keep them updated around and about the event.

thessfest dashboard


EventSense Dashboard is a real-time event web application offering insights to event professionals. By detecting trends and influencers and performing sentiment analysis it allows event managers to harness the power of social media to discover highlights, reveal the social sentiment, deliver better experiences and improve event marketing strategies. Giving event organizers the ability to stay on top of emerging trends, news, happenings, user comments and live and real time data analytics is of utmost importance and a key asset to capture the pulse of the crowd. EventSense dashboard bridges the gap between event organizers and event attendees and turns big data into awareness for the first. Social media analytics tools make it easy to provide a consolidated, relevant view of social media and web key performance metrics such as multimedia shared in Instagram, Youtube or Flickr or map based social media activity and most importanatly influential users to keep decision makers armed with the vital intelligence to drive meaningful results.




A Social Media Wall is an innovative way to display social streams as part of an event. Moving beyond the traditional social feed that is consumed on users' devices, it is a novel engagement tool that event organizers can use to create dynamic media-rich visualizations that are projected both online and at the event premises targeting event attendants. A Social Media Wall is a display breakthrough as it combines pieces of social media content coming from big social streams to the visual elements of infographics and interactive platforms to engage the spectator and allow the event manager to benefit from real time social media content throughout the lifecycle of the event. Geolocated users' tweets popping up live in a map, and real time updated  timelines to tell the story of an event through photos, most retweeted and shared media items, attendees' views and highlights, videos and live streams are but a few tools that social media walls platform delivers to event organizers to keep discussions going and turn attendees from online socializing to real life socializing

 The Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Fête de la Musique Berlin events leverage SocialSensor for a stellar mobile app for their fans, and novel and collective knowledge models for the organizers. 

                     > Watch the promotional video created for the official application of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival here.

To learm more about the Infotainment use case click on the links to find out about our applications, how we evaluated the platform and the latest results during the 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival that was held in November and Fête de la Musique Berlin that took place in June 2013. A Festival Timeline enriched with crowdsourced suggestions from end users as welll as with collective stories from TIFF54 and aggregated social data connected to thte event is also available. 

The prototype features:

EventLive was implemented as a mobile application suitable for festival attendants that aims at helping them plan, share, discover and enjoy the event by providing recommendations, insights and advanced mobile to mobile networking, including live video streaming and social sharing. EventLive also provides advanced 2D and 3D mappings that assist the user in spotting film venues, and localise twitter conversations in a time-aware manner.

Twitter Sentiment: Powered by EventSense and located under the description of every film  the feature reveals the social sentiment around a film showing in different colors the percentages for positive (green), negative (red) and neutral (yellow) tweets related to the specific film. 

Social Search and Recommendations: Recommendations are based on the user's personal selections  already existing in her "MyFilm" list, her film ratings and the "MyFilm" selections of the rest users. The Search functionality is performed in a separate tab in the EventLive user interface. The user can enter one or more keywords and is returned with a list of films relevant to his query. The list of films is ranked according to the same criteria that film recommendations are ranked.

My media search and share: After connecting the user is able either to (a) record a video and live stream it or (b) search and discover other services that live stream videos. Before recording/live streaming a video, the user is asked to annotate it using tags from a tag cloud of film festival-related tags. He is also able to provide a free text annotation of the video. The search for videos functionality allows the user discovering videos that are currently live streaming by selecting the type of desired video from the tag cloud list.

2D maps: allow users to explore information like screenings, venues, or tweets, geolocated in a map with an extension to easily navigate on the temporal aspect of the mentioned information. Besides this, our system offers basic analytical tools, like heat maps, to identify spots of high density of tweets and similar data.

3D maps: Users can spatially see where interesting places and eventually friends currently are. They can touch/click on 3D objects, e.g. a building, and get background information on the venue info and current schedule of films. Switching between "birdseye" and "walking in the street" views provides a maximum support on orientation.