SocialSensor final evaluation report

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After its successful completion, SocialSensor has made publicly available a comprehensive evaluation report that summarizes and assesses the main outcomes of the project. In particular, the report provides a comprehensive list of a number of research outcomes (modules, studies) along with short structured descriptions and references for each of them, it provides an overview of the SocialSensor participations to international benchmarking activities and the respective achievements, it summarizes the features and main evaluation findings regarding the two SocialSensor prototypes, and provides a number of KPIs with respect to the project impact.

Successful final review

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The Final Review meeting of the SocialSensor EU project was held on 27 - 28 January 2015 in Brussels and was successfully completed with an Excellent Rating.

The project was officially launched in October 2011 and was completed in October 2014. The objective of SocialSensor was to develop a new framework for enabling real-time multimedia indexing and search in the Social Web and enhance the multimedia consumption experience by developing novel user-centric media visualization and browsing paradigms. The resulting multimedia search system was successfully showcased and evaluated in two use cases: (a) news, involving professional news editors, journalists and casual readers, benefiting from the improved capabilities of SocialSensor for discovering new interesting social content and integrating it in the news creation and delivery lifecycle, and (b) infotainment, providing new multimedia search tools and unique media consumption experiences to attendants of large events (e.g. festivals). Providing real-time social indexing capabilities for both of these use cases is expected to have a transformational impact on both sectors.


SocialSensor fully achieved its objectives and developed innovative and functional solutions to address the needs of journalists, professional editors and casual readers but also event planners and managers. 

SocialSensor predicts the results of Elections 2015 in Greece

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Time: 15:16 (Greece)

As a continuation of our previous work on prediction election (cf. Deliverable 2.3), our collaborator Adam Tsakalidis (now PhD candidate with the University of Warwick) has applied the SocialSensor election result prediction approach to make a forecast on the result of the Greek Elections 2015 (Jan 25). In our previous effort (with Euro-elections), our forecasts were impressively close to the actual results, hence we were interested in finding out whether such accurate predictions could be repeated.

Join ECSM!

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logoIn an effort to connect all social media initiatives in Europe  SocialSensor has introduced the European Center for Social Media: a forum supporting the organisation of social media technologic and marketing activities, training and dissemination venues. Areas covered involve social media analytics, verification, visualization and their applications, e.g in news, marketing, e-gov,e-participation, and more.

Join now to gain unique insights into big and social data research and development!

If you want to get involved in the ECSM initiative and register your organisation as member, please join by filling in the form and giving us your preference according to the categories described below. There are different opportunities that can be explored depending on your interest, commitment level and resource availability. Click the link to find out more: 

SocialSensor at MediaEval 2014

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SocialSensor had a very successful and important contribution to MediaEval 2014 (Barcelona, Spain), participating in three tasks (Social Event Detection, Diverse Social Image Retrieval, and Multimodal Location Estimation) and organizing the Social Event Detection task. Here, we present some of the highlights.

SocialSensor at the World Publishing Expo

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The World Publishing Expo took place in Amsterdam during 13-15 October, 2014 and attracted high interest from the media industry. SocialSensor was present through the exhibition booth of ATC and demonstrated the platform with the iPad and iPhone applications to a great number of visitors.

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SocialSensor news app for iPhone

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SocialSensor is a new tool to detect trends from multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and Google+.
You can download the SocialSensor mobile app from here  currently available only for iPhone.The system automatically surfaces the most ‘newsworthy’ and fast moving trends. It aggregates pictures, hashtags, posts from multiple networks. You can filter results by time, network, location, popularity, recency or by the trust of those in the network.