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Use Cases

The use case applications built on top of the SocialSensor architecture are illustrated in the following figure.


News comprises two applications:

  • professional news application, addressing the news mining and analysis needs of news professionals, editors, etc.
  • casual readers application, addressing the news retrieval needs of news readers.

Infotainment comprises three applications:

  • EventLive, improving the experience of large event attendants, mainly through a rich set of information and content services available in a mobile setting,
  • Dashboard, giving insights to event organizers through an interactive real-time event web application (dashboard),
  • Social Media Walls, offering a novel tool that event organizers can use to create dynamic media-rich visualizations that are projected both online and at the event premises targeting event attendants.


A high-level overview of the SocialSensor framework is presented below.


The main components of the system include the following:

  • stream-manager: Continuously collects status updates (tweets, posts, etc.) from the respective OSN APIs.
  • storm-focused-crawler: Fetches web pages and multimedia content that is linked from the collected status updates.
  • storage-indexing: Offers storage facilities and services for full-text, visual (similarity-based) and other (time/location) auxiliary indices, including wrapper services and REST APIs.
  • news-orchestrator: Operates the news mining, indexing workflow (including the creation of news DySCOs).
  • infotainment-orchestrator: Operates the infotainment mining, indexing workflow (including the creation of event-focused DySCOs).
  • recommender: Maintains the profile of infotainment end users and offers profile- and context-driven recommendation.
  • semantic-middleware: Combines peer services, peer support for video sharing and streaming and infotainment visualization components for mobile clients.
  • News UI/app: Implements the application and user interaction for the news use case (web & mobile, news professionals and casual readers)
  • Infotainment UI/app: Implements the application and user interaction for the infotainment use case (web & mobile, dashboard, social media walls).

Further details on each of those are available in the linked dedicated pages.