Infotainment app/UI

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The infotainment application suite actually consists of three main parts (cf. figure below), each of which serves different end user requirements:

  • EventLive: This is the primary infotainment application targeting event attendants. Its features aim at improving the event experience by facilitating the information access (e.g. by easy access to program, film information, recommendation, etc.), interaction (ratings, comments) and social sharing. It also serves as a means of collecting aggregate usage data that are of interest to event organizers.
  • Dashboard: The event dashboard exposes analytics functionalities to event organizers. In V1, the functionalities were limited to top rated/most popular films, most active users, a twitter activity map and a gallery of shared MediaItems. An instance of the dashboard was set up and made available to organizers for the latest Thessaloniki Film International Film Festival.
  • Social Media Walls: This is an application that is administered by event organizers, but is ultimately offered to end users at the premises of the event. Ultimately, the admin part of social media walls will be blended with the dashboard.