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Yahoo! Research is the first Yahoo! Research centre established outside the USA. Under the direction of Ricardo Baeza-Yates, this lab concentrates on research in the areas of Web search, mining, and systems, harnessing the strengths of the European academic search community through collaborations and joint projects. With more a staff of more than 15 permanent researchers the lab in Barcelona has established a strong presence in first-tier conferences, such as SIGIR, WWW, KDD, and ACM Multimedia. The mission of Yahoo! Research is to develop the world-class science that will deliver the next generation of businesses to the company.

Specific research areas include Web search, Web mining, multimedia, and large-scale Web systems. Yahoo! Research Barcelona actively participates in European projects, and was project coordinator of the SEMEDIA project on Search Environments for Multimedia. Currently Yahoo! Participates in various EU projects, such as: ARCOMEM, WeKnowIt, COAST, GLOCAL and Living Knowledge.