Deutsche Welle (DW)


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Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany's international public service broadcaster, founded in 1953. Over the almost 60 years of its existence, DW has gained its reputation as a trusted and reliable source of information by providing high-quality programmes and services in currently 30 languages to a worldwide audience. The content focus of DW's offers is on news, information and in-depth background analysis. Starting off as a traditional broadcaster that provided shortwave services to listeners world-wide, DW today offers multiplatform services to its worldwide audiences. In addition to supplying "traditional" platforms / channels such as radio, TV and online, DW has fully embraced new opportunities offered by digitisation. This meant targeting new platforms and devices (e.g. mobile phones, IPTV platforms, MP3 players etc), spreading content via new distribution means (most of them IP-based) and partnering with new and emerging third party platforms (e.g. Social Media portals such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like) to optimise reach and increase its effectiveness as a publicly funded media organisation.

Since the late 1990s DW has participated successfully in about 20 nationally and internationally funded R&D projects. DW will make sure that experiences gained in past project involvements and its day-to-day operations will be fed into the SocialSensor work, and that synergies between other projects, covered topics and personnel will be used to the best advantage of all involved. To find out more about the DW offers and its portfolio, please visit