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IBM is the largest IT company in the world, and includes a Research Division with about 3000 employees in 8 labs around the world. The Haifa Research Lab (HRL) is the largest of the five labs outside the United States. Since it first opened as the IBM Scientific Center in 1972, the IBM Research Lab in Haifa has conducted decades of research that have been vital to IBM's success. R&D projects are being executed today by HRL for IBM labs in the USA, Canada, and Europe, in areas such as storage systems, verification technologies, multimedia, active management, text analytics, information retrieval, programming environments, optimization technologies, and life sciences. Furthermore, HRL staff members are actively involved in the academic community, publishing papers in leading conferences and journals, participating in program committees, and organizing conferences and workshops.

The Information & Interaction Technologies department of HRL focuses on the analysis, exchange, and management of the explicit information expressed in unstructured/semi-structured content (from plain text, XML, to audio and video) and implicit information - as exchanged through synchronous and asynchronous collaborative processes, or embedded in content. Its mission is to develop innovative technologies in these areas and transfer them to IBM product and services organizations as well as help solve client problem points through customer engagements. The group has contributed several developments into IBM products, mainly tools for social network analysis and discovery, and customer profiling and recommendation. We are further involved in several EU FP6 and FP7 projects including SAPIR, where IBM serves as a coordinator, and in other projects such as HERMES for assistive technology compensating aging-related cognitive decline through providing “external memory” and cognitive training & stimulation.