JCP-Connect SAS (France)


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"JCP-Connect (previously JCP-Consult) is a French SME with a strong technical experience in audio-visual technology and content delivery solutions. JCP-Connect has contributed to R&D and to standardization in these technologies, through chairmanship of different groups and active participation to several bodies (DVB, DAVIC, ETSI ECCA, and CableLabs). They have a long experience in technical, administrative and legal aspects of R&D European and French projects' set up & management. Furthermore, JCP-C has a developed strategy in business consulting and is active in the areas of new applications, services analysis and cost assessment, ecosystem and business modelling.

JCP-Connect is involved in mobile computing through the I-Search project (FP7). The objective of this project is to provide a framework for a multimedia search engine for different kind of media objects (3D models, photos, videos). This search engine accepts multiple types of inputs, and in particular real-world descriptors (assimilated to real world context). JCP is also involved in Locomotive and NextTV4all French funded National Projects on audiovisual content distribution in fixed and mobile networks. These have already led to commercial products. Finally, JCP is involved in CHORUS (FP6) and CHORUS+ (FP7) projects. 

On dissemination aspects, JCP individuals have long experience in R&D European (ACTS, Eureka, ICT, CELTIC and ITEA) and national projects, mainly in the audiovisual and network areas. They have also expertise in setting-up workshops and conferences both on the organisational and technical side: they were/are involved in organisation of Broadband Europe, NEM Summit, CHORUS conferences (audiovisual search), and many workshops on VOIP, convergence, IMS for European projects."