Social Event Detection (SED) 2014 dataset

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Overview: This page provides pointers to the dataset, challenge definitions, ground truth challenge results and corresponding evaluation script that were created and used in the 2014 edition of the Social Event Detection (SED) task of the MediaEval benchmarking activity.

The Social Event Detection (SED) task of MediaEval 2014 contained required participants to a) cluster a collection of images so that the images in each cluster are associated with a distinct social event and b) given a collection of images / clusters corresponding to social events, to retrieve those that match specific criteria. By social events, we mean that the events are planned by people, attended by people and that the media illustrating the events are captured by people. Each image in the dataset is accompanied by metadata typically found on the social web (including time-stamps, tags, geotags for a small subset of them).

For more information on the SED 2014 dataset, challenges and evaluation, please see the following publication. If you use the dataset for your research, please cite the paper:

G. Petkos, S. Papadopoulos, V. Mezaris. "Social Event Detection at MediaEval 2014: Challenges, Dataset and Evaluation", Proc. MediaEval 2014 Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, October 2014.

Instructions to download the dataset are available here.