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thessalliosFor a second consecutive year, SocialSensor collaborated with “Thessaloniki Differently” an urban experiment from Parallaxi magazine  in order to provide a mobile app to support: Made in Thessaloniki #3 a series of events focused mostly on graphics, applied arts and design.

With the updated ThessAllios app the user can get informed about all the activites organized in the context of the festival namely: the “Toolkit Startup”, the “Make Art” exhibitions and the “City from the future” conference. The user can add his favorite activities in his calendar or bookmark them to “My Activities” menu item and filter them according to their date.



The app enables the user to keep in touch with the latest news from Parallaxi with the twitter stream. By clicking on each activity more details pop up with regards to an exhibition, special routes planned for the opening party, maps and the full schedule of the events. Every user can share an activity via facebook, twitter or e-mail with his social network or take a photo while participating in an activity and post it in the app where it is displayed in real time.

This year users were encouraged to vote their favorite art exhibition by adding it to “My activities” menu. This way they were empowered to highlight the work of their preferred artist and shape trends as the list of most voted artists and exhibitions will be announced publicly in the website of Parallaxi.  

From an organizer’s perspective the app was a great tool to capture the visitors’ preferences and know which artists attracted more people. Moreover, during the opening party, the organizer’s utilized the app and the social media walls platform to engage the users more! Participants could use their smartphone to take and post photos in the app and these photos were also demonstrated in a large video wall in real time in a show that comprised also of social media content items related to the event “Made in Thessaloniki #3”.

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