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SocialSensor recently announce the launch of the mobile application for the Fête de la Musique, Berlin.With an objective to provide a far richer event experience to the 2013 Fête attendees, SocialSensor delivered an app available both in AppStore and Google Play.

With itsfeteBerlin intuitive features the app is the entire Fête de la Musique experience displayed in a visually beautiful feed. 

Every year on the 21st of June the world is celebrating the Fête de la Musique, the world wide music day. This application offers a series of features to facilitate following the events of Fête de la Musique Berlin: detailed program, searchable by band name, venue, event type, and time, position on map and routing, band details, and more. Most importantly it allows you to record and present your own opinion about the concerts by tweeting about what's happening! You can also watch in the application the official Twitter and Facebook feeds of the organisers and the fans stream in twitter using the official FETEberlin hashtag (#fete13)

The app was a great success, getting more than 5000 downloads and very positive reviews. SocialSensor's research objectives were successfully incorporated, enhancing the app and  adding value to the end users and the event organizers as well. By transforming big data into awareness and leveraging innovative data mining techniques SocialSensor provided intuitive features and social media analytics that helped capturing event highlights, enriched the event experience for attendees and provided insightful data to event organizers.

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