Release of CERTH SED implementation

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SocialSensor successfully participated in the Social Event Detection task of the MediaEval 2012 workshop. MediaEval, a workshop focused on focused evaluation tasks with respect to multimedia analysis, took place in Pisa, Italy (4-5 October 2012). CERTH took part in the Social Event Detection (SED) task that involved three challenges: (a) detection of technical events in Germany, (b) soccer events in two major European cities, (c) detection of Indignados events in Madrid. All challenges were defined on a large set of over 160,000 images from Flickr. A more detailed definition of the task is available here.

In all the challenges, CERTH achieved median performance using a versatile and flexible approach developed within the SocialSensor project. The approach employed by CERTH is described here, while the presentation given at the workshop is available here. We have also made available the implementation of the approach in the form of a Java library.