IRSS 2013 has kicked off

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The International Research-Centered Summer School (IRSS) in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Robotics, Social Media, Digital Preservation which is co-organized and supported by the SocialSensor project, has kicked off and will last till the end of July. The school takes place at NCSR "Demokritos", in Athens, Greece. With a strong focus on mini-projects of month-long duration, carried out by multiple teams of 3-4 students including a mix of academic levels (Postdoc, PhD, undergraduates) the school has an innovative format and aims at establishing long-term collaborations as well as bringing about numerous scientific publications.

The students are also being trained on several tools of the SocialSensor platform and will carry out relevant research work which, if successful will be further utilized in the course of the SocialSensor project.

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