Fête Berlin 2014 wrap up

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SocialSensor was happy to support also this year the Fête de la Musique festival that took place in Berlin to celebrate the European Music Day on the 21st of June. With a new handy app that features interesting paths to follow in the center of Berlin, upload photo and bookmarking favorites capabilities to plan in advance as well as trusty maps to navigate from stage to stage, the app was the tool to maximize the event experience.  

This year, apart from the app we focused mostly on providing R&D features from lab to market to address the needs of the event planners.

In this context, we empowered Fête Berlin's event planners with a platform that not only allowed them to control the mobile content of their app and access their audience in real time but also provided:

  • Stages Analytics with filtering options according to most popular stage according to social media or user contributed content in facebook, foursquare or according to the times that the stage was added to favourites in the app as well as according to the mostly rated stage in google ratings.
  • Social Media Activity Heatmaps so that the event planner could get insights with regards to which stages or bands generated the greatest impact.
  • Aggregated views of social media items shared in facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram, youtube and google plus to enable the event manager to capture the pulse of the crowd, monitor trends and discover the highlights of the event. 
  • Identification of influential users that shape conversations in their niche with more impact than everyday online participants.
  • A timeline of items shared to demonstrate the buzz that the event generated across time and most importantly to serve as a simple visualization of which marketing and promotional initiative from the site of the event managers generated the greatest impact.

The 11,000 Berliners that downloaded the app and used it approximately 60,000 times surely suggest that the app is an indispensable tool to enhance the festival's experience and that SocialSensor provides value that attendees appreciate.

The fête infographic summarizes the event and underlines the most important highlights. Click here to relive the experience!